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Buy short-dated/minor defective products at a discounted rate

We encourage sustainability by promoting unsold but usable products. Thus reducing waste and losses.

One Platform, Many Solutions

Gauraa is a platform that offers products with short shelf life or minor defects, such as a torn sticker or missing child item or a dented body, which are still perfectly fit for use, at a discounted rate. No product is sold at an unusable state or past its expiry date

Reduce Loss

Operational loss recovery for retailers, wholesalers and manufacturers

Save Cost

Cost saving for consumers. Same brands, same quality at discounted rate

Less Waste

Unused products previously being wasted now being put into use

what we do

Lend a hand to Sustainability

Amongst the growing trend of consumerism, the world is in a dire need of sustenance. We have brought ourselves to a stage where we generate 2.01 billion tonnes of waste annually. This also comprises of resources that were fit for use but still got disposed of. Our goal is to create awareness amongst the consumers to put such products to use whilst it is usable and at the same time save cost for them and minimise the burden of loss to sellers arising out of these products.  

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Our aim
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Join & Support

There are many ways you can join us in our mission. We have several models of operation for promoting short dated and minor defective products. Contact us to know more about it. Also, for everytime you buy from us, it is worth more than any other support.  

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