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Donate short-dated/minor defective products directly to Charities

Save cost as you spread smile :)

One Platform, Many Solutions

Short-dated/minor defective products can be used easily at charities where they are needed. This will fulfill their requirement, prevent wastage of these products and save cost for a donor all at the same time.

Help Charities

Charities are able to get products required by them to sustain themselves

Save Cost

Cost saving for donors. More help at lesser cost.

Less Waste

Unused products previously being wasted now being put into use for the most needy


How does this work?

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Copy of Choos.jpg
The amount you donate is credited to the selected charity. We have a list of products with special rates for charity only. The selected charity can then use the credit to purchase any product as per their requirement.

We would love to hear from you

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